Founder -Sue Nabeth Moore

Passionate about the human promise of the digital revolution, I’m keen to play my part by concentrating on what is most important: human progress and companies reaching and surpassing expected outcomes, resulting in success for customers and vendors alike.

I’m British in origin and European in soul!

Sue Nabeth Moore

Across my international career, I have contributed to the business development of companies from different sectors with international expansion ambitions: large and medium-sized international corporates to start-ups.

The diversity and experience of my roles (business development, sales, marketing, customer service, strategic and operational consultancy, change management and customer success leadership) have given me rich insights into the challenges of innovation and business transformation in an increasing digitalised world.

After 25 years of international client-facing roles, I have decided to devote Success Track Enterprise to the promotion and development of customer success activities for European client-centric and innovative companies intent on keeping ahead in their business transformation.

Our Valued Customers


Headquartered in Paris (like the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek – Place de la Concorde), our customers are based in Europe.

  • They intend to set up or optimise their customer success organisation to better serve and deserve their respective customers.
  • They have intentions to expand their customer success organisation internationally.
  • They have a recurring revenue model and can be SaaS or not.

I will be pleased to join you and help you drive and transform your business enterprise on a journey : to boldly go where no customer has succeeded before” …