After reflection, I decided that the name Success Track Enterprise best englobes the visionary principles and spirit of the company. Apart from being a Star Trek fan, the name resumes the vision and aims in helping our customers, and theirs in turn to keep on track for success.

I have created a pragmatic customer success framework (OPT-IN²) which can be applied and customized where necessary according to the needs and organisation of any recurring revenue company.

The vision is resumed below in the name of Success Track Enterprise:


helping-people-2The underlying foundation is “Success Share as a Service“. I know that success does not happen over night. It implies a vision, a lot of determination and a step by step approach punctuated by the celebration of each accomplished milestone.

In an agile spirit, I am capitalising and benchmarking customer success best practices to share with customers depending on their specific needs and context.

The slogan “Succeed long and prosper…” (inspired by Star Trek’s “live long and prosper”) is applicable to our customers as well as their respective customers.


“Track” denotes different values for our consultancy partnership services: athletes-track

  • The intention of tracking and measuring progress towards defined goals:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it (Peter Drucker)

  • The circular form of the athletics track symbolises:
    • A place of effort and determination to achieve goals, performance and success
    • The agile mindset and approach of innovative companies
    • The recurring revenue boomerang circle of profitability and prosperity
    • Defined guidelines of where to go, stay focused and “keep on track”


star-trek-enterpriseAs well as “Enterprise” meaning a company, it also has the notion of a vessel (like Star Trek Enterprise) on a special voyage with a noble mission.

This reflects the strategic vision and expected outcomes for progress of our customers and their respective customers as they adventure across their customer journeys making new discoveries in unknown galaxies.

With a little imagination, the enterprise vessel form, the circular track, associated connotations and permanent quest for success are all reflected in the Success Track Enterprise logo and slogan: