Inspired by Star Trek, the name Success Track Enterprise best englobes the visionary principles and spirit of the company: helping our customers, and theirs to keep on track for success.

Our slogan:  “May you succeed long and prosper…” is inspired by Star Trek’s slogan “may you live long and prosper” and is applicable to our customers as well as their respective customers.


Success Track Enterprise collaborates with partners who share the same passion to evangelize the win-win business gains of customer success. While spreading the word is rife in the Silicon Valley, we aim to contribute to growing momentum here in Europe, taking into account European business etiquette, challenges and contexts.

Customer Success Training and Career Development Programmes 

Increasingly, clients are looking for help in building, staffing, training, maturing and expanding global CS teams. Tri Tuns, based in Washington DC, USA and Success Track Enterprise, with offices in Lisbon and Paris partner together to provide the resources you need across North America and Europe to quickly build, develop and scale your CS capabilities.

Please view here the short video of Jason Whitehead (CEO of Tri Tuns) and myself announcing our partnership on customer success and software adoption training, consulting and certification.

On-Line Customer Success Training Programme

Our customer success training programme is available online with the option of live, instructor-led training sessions (delivered virtually or in-person). 

To learn more and to view free demos of actual course content from our online customer success and software adoption training courses, please visit here our Adoptec platform site.

Customer Success Career Development Subscription Programme

Tri Tuns and Success Track Enterprise also propose a customer success training and career development programme: Customer Success Mastermind.  Customer Success Mastermind is a 2-track subscription programme for newcomers and leaders of customer success. It is based on pragmatic online and instructor-led modules which can be taken at your own pace. New modules are proposed on a regular basis and certification is proposed upon completion.

For further details about our customer success training and certification and career development programmes, please send your message below

Success Track Enterprise has the privilege of collaborating with the following partners to help evangelise customer success.

Think Tank Leader 

CX, UX  and Customer Success

Founder of Customer Success Meetups in Paris and Lisbon:


Passionate about the human promise of the digital revolution, I’m keen to play my part by concentrating on what is most important: human progress and companies reaching and surpassing expected outcomes, resulting in success for customers and vendors alike.

Sue Nabeth Moore

I’m British in origin and European in soul!  I have worked over 25 years in Paris after studying in Germany, the U.K. and France. I’m now based between Paris and Lisbon.

Across my international career, I have contributed to the business development of companies from different sectors with international expansion ambitions: large and medium-sized international corporates to start-ups.

The diversity and experience of my roles (business development, sales, customer service, strategic and operational consultancy, change management and customer success leadership) have given me rich insights into the challenges of innovation and constant business transformation in an increasing digitalised world.

Education-wise, I consider that I’m always learning and sharing. Certification wise, I have a Masters in marketing and communication (Paris School of Business) and a BA Honours Degree in German and English Literature (Sunderland and Munich Universities). Admittedly, the latter was a while ago…

Although I have never yet been told that I look like Captain Spock, I will be pleased to join you and help you drive and transform your business enterprise on a journey : to boldly go where no customer has succeeded before” …