The main values vehiculed by Success Track Enterprise spell  S-U-C-C-E-S-S



Step by step

A customer success organisation requires an agile and pragmatic mindset. Success Track Enterprise partners you to keep focus on prioritised building blocks in a step by step manner. We’ll be there to celebrate the evolution of your customer success growth machine.


Whilst the “Customer Success of Things” leans on common themes, each company investing in customer success has its unique context and challenges. As a privileged consultancy partner service, the understanding of customer contexts and functioning is key in order to adapt customer success activity. Understanding provides the knowledge on customer situations (organisation, processes, people, skills,…) to know how they “think and work”. This is paramount to any customer success organisation.

Customer Centricity

In a business world where the customer has increasing power and the choice to opt out, customer centricity is the “raison d’être” of any company intent on keeping ahead. This means constantly steering strategy and operational activity around customer insights and experience.


As customer success is an emerging movement, there’s great momentum on the learning curve. Being part of the customer success “Community” is essential to keep ahead of best practices, processeses, methods and tools. Success Track Enterprise is passionately involved in the customer success community in the US and Europe: partnerships, associations, meet-ups, Webinars and events. We’re keeping on top of the movement and trends we share.


To complement the above value of understanding, empathy allows to appreciate how customers feel about their challenges and pain points, sensing frustration, joy or confusion. Empathy helps to detect success or failure. The combination of understanding and empathy allows turning frustration into joy and confusion into clarity. This in turn allows the determination and implementation of productive success action plans.


Synergy is important across internal as well as external customer teams. Introducing a new solution to your customer environment will entail new processes, routines and methods. Synergy is key to ensure all round alignment:

  • Across internal teams to serve customers in a streamlined manner
  • Within your customer teams to achieve their collective expected outcomes
  • Between your customer success objectives and Success Track Enterprise to partner your OPT-IN² Framework needs.


Customer success is an emerging role in Europe and so I believe that sharing best practices, processes and methods is a great contribution in capitalising on what works best.

May you succeed long and prosper…