Working with Sue on Customer Success Methodology allowed us to significantly structure our activity with our customers. I’ve been impressed by the power of Sue’s model (the famous Boomerang) !!!
Helpful, available, hard worker, extremely smart… I recommend to any company who wants to move forward with its customers to get in touch with Sue !



Gilles Tuet, Co-founder and COO,





I work with Sue to improve the Customer Success Management at Akeneo. Sue quickly understood our business model and our organization to adapt existing processes and build a strong Customer Success program. It was a pleasure working with Sue, her warmth and professionalism were much appreciated by the whole team.


Samuel Augy, Operations Director, Akeneo



I met Sue in the context of our respective customer success activities. She’s passionate about spreading the word on the benefits of customer success in France and Europe and I highly recommend her pragmatic approach in partnering any customer success initiative.


Antoine Pasquier-Desvignes, VP Business, Touch & Sell



I worked closely with Sue to ensure full success of IKO licenses implementation across Oracle Western Europe sales organisation. Sue has been a highly trusted professional, creative and dedicated. Sue is a keen listener with a sharp mind and she used her deep understanding of the business to help me build an innovative Social Selling change programme. She is a real team player and I truly enjoyed our collaboration.

Guillaume Scherrer



Guillaume Scherrer, Director Sales Transformation Programmes, Oracle




Thanks to Susan we understood the real dimension of Customer Success during her time at IKO-System. We just wanted to improve the way we work in improving our Support Team and we understood that Customer Success is much more than that. It’s building a new team with a true understanding of the business, with a new culture with one overall goal: Building a long term relationship with the customer. Sue understood our business and with the strong background in change management knew how to structure the changes, communicate to people, train and manage people to build a new culture around customer success. If you need to transform your company, you need Sue for the understanding of the situation, the energy and hard work. I recommend Sue without any doubt!

Chaouki Chaabane


Chaouki Chaabane, Regional Sales Manager, Nexthink


It was a great pleasure working alongside Susan at IKO-System both on a personal and professional level. With her background in business development and change management consulting she came on board to lead the entire customer success initiative and built it from the ground up. Her department was obviously at the center both internally sitting between R&D, Sales and Marketing and externally working closely with all customers and their decision makers and users.The success of that initiative was key to the success of the transformation program the company had embarked upon at the beginning of 2014. And her leadership and contribution was highly instrumental in laying the foundations that would allow the organization to shift gear and sustain explosive growth as planned.
From a more personal standpoint Susan has a great personality, the kind of person you want working with you.
I would recommend Susan to any company looking to build or optimize a state-of-the-art sales organization.
It would be a pleasure to work with Sue again.

Stephane Matthis


Stephane Mathis, Senior Business Development Director The Createch Company


Customer success is a relatively new concept, especially in France – and Sue is one of the few veterans in the field. Having Sue lead the customer success team at IKO-System brought a great deal of added-value to the product, and she contributed to a great customer experience that helped accelerated deals, renew and upsell opportunities. Sue’s a leader with vision as well as grit, keeping the big picture in check while having no problems getting her hands dirty. It’s an inspiring experience working with Sue. She would be a great asset to any company that aspires to be customer-centric.

Thomas Stein


Thomas Stein : Business Development Director, Novagile