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Who we serve

Success Track Enterprise partners our clients to achieve win-win growth in their customer success initiatives. We offer strategic and operational services tailored to different needs:

  • Starters in customer success
  • Companies with a customer success organisation already in place
  • SaaS or non SaaS recurring revenue companies
  • Integrators offering software implementation
  • Companies with an invested interest in CS generated growth: VCs, PEs, …
  • Recurring revenue companies landing and expanding in Europe

OPT-IN² Framework

The Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² framework outlines the pillars of customer success activities with which we can partner your company:

Organisation Processes Tools – INformation + INtegration

Our Opt-IN² framework replies to the external and internal challenges when setting up and evolving a customer success organisation. Depending on your current situation, it is possible to select your OPT-IN² needs “à la carte”:



In today’s business world where clients have increasing options, customer success is about helping your customers continually reach or surpass their expected outcomes and ROI. They will then naturally want to OPT-IN your product or services – durably. There’ll be a double positive outcome of our slogan for your customers and for your own company success:

Succeed Long and Prosper…

For each OPT-IN² element, the construction of customer success across an organisation requires a continual agile approach. As your privileged partner, Success Track Enterprise will share methodologies and best practices which will:

  • Provide added value
  • Produce results for win-win growth
  • Save you time by capitalising on best practices


No matter where you are in your customer success set up, the organisational aspects are the most challenging aspects to master.

opt-in-organisationCustomer success is not an isolated department with a group of individuals responsible for the success of your customers. It’s the responsibility of all company actors.  Alignment on common customer success goals is a main pre-requisite. As customer success is an emerging role, it’s by experimentation that other companies have learned to optimise organisational best practices according to their specific context and objectives. Depending on your current situation, you will find below some main challenges with which Success Track Enterprise can partner your organisational initiatives:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Business case and ROI
  • Charter and organisation
  • Cross functional alignment
  • Objectives and compensation plan
  • CS KPIs
  • Leadership development
  • Team coaching


As the main aim of customer success is to partner your customers to continually achieve their expected business outcomes with your solution/services, smooth processes are key to streamline both external interactions and internal operations.


External Customer Processes

External customer processes aim to engage timely and meaningful interactions with customers as they progress towards repeated success with your solution or services. External processes will continually capitalise on knowledge derived from the internal processes. We can help you with the following client-facing processes:

  • Customer journey mapping (from customer view)
  • Customer journey coverage modelling
  • Customer change management enablement
  • Customer nurturing programme
  • Customer health and expansion programme
  • Customer risk engagement
  • Advocacy programme

Internal Processes

Internal processes enrich customer knowledge and streamline actions across the customer journey, ensuring that all internal actors know what is needed, why, when and where:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Internal customer journey mapping and alignment
  • Continual added value demonstration
  • Health management processes and dashboard
  • Risk management processes and dashboard
  • Product and experience evolution processes
  • Internal expansion processes


After the definition of your organisation and processes, visibility on the criteria for the required related tools becomes easier. opt-in-tools

Below are some of the main areas which you may be contemplating to implement or adapt in your tool stack to support your customer success machine. Success Track Enterprise can help you define the right tools orchestrated around their fit with your vision, organisation and processes.

  • 360° view – adapt CRM workflows, data, dashboards
  • Tool stack definition and evolution (based on organisation + process needs)
  • Multi-channel orchestration of engagement + workflows
  • Customer nurturing tool needs
  • CS platform short list selection
  • CS platform needs and evolution

INformation + INtegration (IN²)

When you opt to put a customer success organisation into place, the OPT (organisation, processes and tools) will be an agile, iterative approach. Iteration ensures continued success (for your customers and your company) as you adapt to the ever changing needs of your customers and markets.

As the OPT part of your framework gradually progresses, management and cross-functional teams need to be continually aligned on customer knowledge and internal organisation, processes and tools. opt-in-information-integrationThis is why the «IN²» part of the framework is centred around a two-fold permanent focus :

– INformation: continual collection and enrichment of customer data + knowledge across customer journeys.

INtegration of seamless customer knowledge via programmes and communication across internal teams.

Customer success teams depend upon accurate and up-to-dated usage, CRM and financial data in order to track and measure their customer health. Such data is often stored in silos and is not easy to access, analyse and exploit. The ability to access the right metrics at the right time facilitates the operational management of the customer success activity.

Customer knowledge + INformation/INtegration ensures positive team momentum towards meeting client expectations and win-win success for your customers and your company.  Below are some of the INformation/INtegration challenges with which Success Track Enterprise may help.


  • Define progressive customer data needs, measurement and KPIs
  • Define data governance – who does what, why, when and where
  • Capitalisation and alignment of cross-functional customer data
  • Set up of data dashboards
  • Exploitation of customer data and related cross-functional actions


  • Streamline internal cross-functional customer data
  • Define an internal communication plan
  • Define and internal governance and decision-making process
  • Formalise and up-date the customer success framework
  • Define and refine customer success programmes and playbooks


Service Approach

Success Track Enterprise partners your strategic and operational OPT-IN² framework areas in a 3-step building block and pragmatic approach:







1. Macro customer success situation survey

  • Macro short survey
  • Snapshot of you current CS situation
  • Input to next step

2. Strategy guidelines and priority matrix

  • Interviews with main stakeholders
  • Analysis and diagnostic
  • Macro recommendations and priorities
  • Indication of:
    • Actions your company can do
    • Actions with which Success Track Enterprise can partner you

3. Success Share as a Service (On Demand)

  • On-going and agile partnership on demand : “Success share as a Service”
  • According to your customer success OPT-IN² framework needs
  • Monthly or quarterly subscription fee

Our above 3-step pragmatic approach aims to:

  1. Provide added value to your company and your customers
  2. Produce results for win-win growth
  3. Save you time by capitalising on market best practices
  4. Spread costs as a subscription

Feel free to contact Success Track Enterprise with your needs and questions.

We’ll be pleased to partner your win-win success.