Customer Success Outcomes

What is Customer Success Outcomes (CSO)?
Almost every organisation with a Customer Success function focuses their teams’ efforts on higher-paying customers, providing them with a “high touch”, heavily customised service.  For lesser-paying customers, there is little (if any) outreach due to a lack of time and resources or difficulty in designing scalable and cost-effective engagement models. The ultimate outcome for these long-tail customer segments is reduced adoption, lower satisfaction rates and higher churn

Our CSO offering enables companies to remedy this issue by quickly and effectively extending their human coverage model beyond “high touch” and help clients of all sizes and revenues to achieve maximum ROI.  Our CSO offering provides high calibre, outsourced CSMs who can work directly with your clients and help them increase their overall value of using your solution.

We help ensure that no client gets left behind and your company keeps ahead.

Typical Applications of CSO include:

  • Customers with no dedicated proactive CS resource
  • Customers in new regions/territories
  • Customers implementing your solution
  • “Inactive” customers (i.e. not logging in)
  • Customers using legacy products and services
  • Bridging gaps in your existing team (e.g. covering staff absences or whilst hiring new staff)
  • Organisations transitioning towards a SaaS model


Don’t yet have a Customer Success Team?
Start-ups or early-stage companies often initiate a Customer Success team without any previous experience and then have to go through a lengthy (and costly) trial and error learning curve.  Implementing CSO helps to:
  • Ensure that your Customer Success strategy gets off to the right start with proven methodologies and strategies that make a difference
  • Ensure that your customers start getting value from using your solutions immediately
  • Mitigating the risks and expense of hiring your own in-house CS resources
  • Build the business case required for possible future in-house CS resources

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