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Welcome aboard the Success Track Enterprise. We’re pleased to embark with you on your customer success journey.

Customer Success is a strategic and essential role for companies with a recurring revenue model who wish to stay ahead. In Europe where we are based, it is gaining ground in the business landscape. There is recognition that when customers have the choice to opt out, customer success provides a catalyst to create a trusting and long-term win-win partnership between vendors and customers.

In the subscription economy, the economic value of customers is made over time and no longer upfront at the point of sale. Consequently, the duration of the customer relationship has a greater economic impact on the financial health of the vendor. Whilst customers achieve value and ROI from their investment, vendors retain customers, thereby maintaining and gaining revenues from upsell and cross sell opportunities. Successful customers become advocates and spread the word to other companies, generating more business for vendors. Both customers and vendors benefit in a business win-win relationship of health and wealth.

Inspired by the mission of Star Trek Enterprise to aim for human progress through journeys of discovery and innovation, Success Track Enterprise provides strategic and operational consultancy services to partner recurring revenue companies in Europe to set up or evolve their customer success organisation.  We work through our pragmatic (OPT-IN²) framework in response to evolving needs of customers and the business environment.
Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN methodology

For further details about Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² methodology, our customer success consulting, coaching, mentoring and training courses (with certification), please send your message below. We’ll be pleased to reply quickly.

CS Consulting

Who we serve

Success Track Enterprise uses our OPT-IN² framework to partner our clients to achieve win-win growth via their customer success (CS) initiatives. Our clients all aim to become a stellar CS organisation. They are usually one or a combination of the following:

  • Intent on growing their client base in Europe
  • Setting up from scratch their CS organisation
  • Finetuning certain OPT-IN² aspects of their CS organisation
  • Scaling their CS organisation 
  • Recurring revenue models (not necessarily SaaS)
  • SaaS or transitioning to SaaS

We  help our clients in the following areas and which are more detailed in our OPT-IN² framework further below:

  • CS strategy
  • CS operations
  • CS coaching and mentoring
  • CS training and career evolution
  • We partner vendors with software adoption challanges
  • We partner clients with software adoption challenges
  • We partner VC and PE companies to help their portfolio companies

OPT-IN² Framework

Our Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² framework outlines the pillars of customer success activities with which we partner our clients:







Our Opt-IN² framework replies to the external and internal challenges when setting up and evolving a customer success organisation. It builds the different bricks in a chronological order starting with the organisation, process and then tools. In parallel, the data (information) and integration of all (organisation, processes, tools and information) are done pragmatically and progressively. After an initial analysis of our your particular context and ambitions, the OPT-IN² needs are defined “à la carte”:

Clients today have increasing options and customer success is about helping your clients continually reach or surpass their expected outcomes. They will then naturally want to OPT-IN to products and/or services – durably.

For each OPT-IN² brick, the construction of customer success across an organisation requires a continual agile approach.


Customer success is not an isolated department with a group of individuals responsible for the success of your customers. It’s the responsibility of all company actors.  Alignment on common customer success goals is a main pre-requisite.  Below are just some main challenges with which Success Track Enterprise can partner your organisational initiatives:

  • CS Vision and strategy
  • CS Definition, charter and organisation
  • Team structure
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Resource requirements and hiring
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Objectives and compensation plan
  • CS KPIs
  • Business case, performance and ROI
  • Leadership development
  • Team coaching and career evolution (see also Customer Success Mastermind)


External Customer Processes

External customer processes aim to engage timely and meaningful interactions with customers as they progress towards repeated success with your solution and/or services. External processes will continually capitalise on knowledge derived from the internal processes. We can help you with the following client-facing processes:

  • Customer journey mapping (from customer point of view)
  • Customer journey coverage modelling
  • Customer change management enablement
  • Customer nurturing programme
  • Customer health and expansion programme
  • Customer risk engagement
  • Advocacy programme
  • User club
  • CAB (Customer Advisory Board)

Internal Processes

Internal processes enrich customer knowledge and streamline actions across the customer journey, ensuring that all internal actors know what is needed, why, when and where. Success Track Enterprise may help with the following:

  • Customer segmentation and cohort definition
  • Internal customer journey mapping and alignment
  • On-going added value demonstration
  • Health management processes and dashboard
  • Risk management processes and dashboard
  • Product evolution processes
  • Internal expansion processes


Below are some of the main areas which you may be contemplating to implement or adapt in your tool stack to support your customer success machine. Success Track Enterprise can help you define the right tools orchestrated around their fit with your CS vision, organisation and processes.

  • 360° view – adapt CRM workflows, data, dashboards
  • Tool stack definition and evolution (based on organisation + process needs)
  • Multi-channel orchestration of engagement + workflows
  • Customer nurturing tool needs
  • CS platform needs and evolution
  • CS platform short list (based on organisation, processes and data needs)

INformation + INtegration (IN²)

When a customer success organisation is put into place, theOPT” part (organisation, processes and tools) is an iterative approach,  adapting to the ever changing needs of your customers and markets.

As the “OPT” part of your framework gradually progresses, management and cross-functional teams need to be continually aligned on customer knowledge and internal organisation, processes and tools. opt-in-information-integrationThe «IN²» part of the framework is centred around a two-fold permanent focus :

INformation: continual  enrichment of customer data + knowledge 

INtegration of seamless enablement across teams.

Below are some of the INformation and INtegration challenges with which Success Track Enterprise may help.


  • Define progressive customer data needs
  • Define success measurement and KPIs
  • Define customer health scores and components
  • Define data governance and workflows – who does what, when and where
  • Capitalisation and alignment of cross-functional customer data
  • Set up of data dashboards
  • Exploitation of customer data and related cross-functional actions


  • Define and implement an internal communication plan around CS
  • Define an internal governance and decision-making process
  • Formalise and up-date the customer success framework
  • Define and refine customer success programmes and playbooks

Consulting Approach

Success Track Enterprise partners your customer success strategic and operational needs across our OPT-IN² framework with the following aims: 

  • Provide added value to your company and your customers
  • Drive results for win-win growth
  • Save time and costs by capitalising on evolving market best practices
  • Optimise costs via subscription

We propose a pragmatic 3 step approach:

1. Macro customer success situation survey

  • Macro short survey
  • Snapshot of your current CS situation
  • Input to step 2 below

2. Strategy guidelines and CS Roadmap

  • Interviews with main stakeholders
  • Analysis and diagnostic
  • Macro recommendations and priorities => CS roadmap
  • Indication of:
    • Actions your company can do
    • Actions with which Success Track Enterprise can partner you
  • Input to step 3 below

3. Success Share as a Service (On Demand)

  • Upon option, we may help implement the above CS roadmap elements
  • Tailored on the analysis of the OPT-IN² needs
  • On-going and agile CS partnership on demand : “Success share as a Service”
  • Based on a monthly subscription

For further details about Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² methodology, our customer success consulting, coaching, mentoring and training courses (with certification), please send your message below. We’ll be pleased to reply quickly.



The main values vehiculed by Success Track Enterprise spell  S-U-C-C-E-S-S



Step by step

A customer success organisation requires an agile and pragmatic mindset. Success Track Enterprise partners you to keep focus on prioritised building blocks in a step by step manner. We’ll be there to celebrate the evolution of your customer success growth machine.


Whilst the “Customer Success of Things” leans on common themes, each company investing in customer success has its unique context and challenges. As a privileged consultancy partner service, the understanding of customer contexts and functioning is key in order to adapt customer success activity. Understanding provides the knowledge on customer situations (organisation, processes, people, skills,…) to know how they “think and work”. This is paramount to any customer success organisation.

Customer Centricity

In a business world where the customer has increasing power and the choice to opt out, customer centricity is the “raison d’être” of any company intent on keeping ahead. This means constantly steering strategy and operational activity around customer insights and experience.


As customer success is an emerging movement, there’s great momentum on the learning curve. Being part of the customer success “Community” is essential to keep ahead of best practices, processeses, methods and tools. Success Track Enterprise is passionately involved in the customer success community in the US and Europe: partnerships, associations, meet-ups, Webinars and events. We’re keeping on top of the movement and trends we share.


To complement the above value of understanding, empathy allows to appreciate how customers feel about their challenges and pain points, sensing frustration, joy or confusion. Empathy helps to detect success or failure. The combination of understanding and empathy allows turning frustration into joy and confusion into clarity. This in turn allows the determination and implementation of productive success action plans.


Synergy is important across internal as well as external customer teams. Introducing a new solution to your customer environment will entail new processes, routines and methods. Synergy is key to ensure all round alignment:

  • Across internal teams to serve customers in a streamlined manner
  • Within your customer teams to achieve their collective expected outcomes
  • Between your customer success objectives and Success Track Enterprise to partner your OPT-IN² Framework needs.


Customer success is an emerging role in Europe and so I believe that sharing best practices, processes and methods is a great contribution in capitalising on what works best.

May you succeed long and prosper…



Sue is a strong Customer Success professional with excellent interpersonal skills and a great vision for using Customer Success to drive company excellence. I know there are lots of recurring revenue businesses that would find Sue to be a valuable voice in helping shape their Customer Success processes.

                                  Dan Steinman, General Manager EMEA, Gainsight

Working with Sue on Customer Success Methodology allowed us to significantly structure our activity with our customers. I’ve been impressed by the power of Sue’s model (the famous Boomerang) !!!
Helpful, available, hard worker, extremely smart… I recommend to any company who wants to move forward with its customers to get in touch with Sue !

Gilles Tuet, Co-founder and COO, Deolan

I worked with Sue to improve the Customer Success Management at Akeneo. Sue quickly understood our business model and our organization to adapt existing processes and build a strong Customer Success program. It was a pleasure working with Sue, her warmth and professionalism were much appreciated by the whole team.

                                             Samuel Augy, Operations Director, Akeneo

I met Sue in the context of our respective customer success activities. She’s passionate about spreading the word on the benefits of customer success in France and Europe and I highly recommend her pragmatic approach in partnering any customer success initiative.

                                  Antoine Pasquier-Desvignes, VP Business, Touch & Sell

I worked closely with Sue to ensure full success of IKO licenses implementation across Oracle Western Europe sales organisation. Sue has been a highly trusted professional, creative and dedicated. Sue is a keen listener with a sharp mind and she used her deep understanding of the business to help me build an innovative Social Selling change programme. She is a real team player and I truly enjoyed our collaboration.

              Guillaume Scherrer, Director Sales Transformation Programmes, Oracle

Thanks to Susan we understood the real dimension of Customer Success during her time at IKO-System. We just wanted to improve the way we work in improving our Support Team and we understood that Customer Success is much more than that. It’s building a new team with a real understanding of the business, with a new culture with one overall goal: Building a long-term relationship with the customer. Sue understood our business and with the strong background in change management knew how to structure the changes, communicate to people, train and manage people to build a new culture around customer success. If you need to transform your company, you need Sue for the understanding of the situation, the energy and hard work. I recommend Sue without any doubt!

                            Chaouki Chaabane, Regional Sales Manager, Nexthink

It was a great pleasure working alongside Susan at IKO-System both on a personal and professional level. With her background in business development and change management consulting she came on board to lead the entire customer success initiative and built it from the ground up. Her department was obviously at the center both internally sitting between R&D, Sales and Marketing and externally working closely with all customers and their decision-makers and users. The success of that initiative was key to the success of the transformation program the company had embarked upon at the beginning of 2014. And her leadership and contribution was highly instrumental in laying the foundations that would allow the organization to shift gear and sustain explosive growth as planned. From a more personal standpoint Susan has a great personality, the kind of person you want working with you. I would recommend Susan to any company looking to build or optimize a state-of-the-art sales organization.

It would be a pleasure to work with Sue again!

Stephane Mathis, Senior Bus. Development Director The Createch Company

Customer success is a relatively new concept, especially in France – and Sue is one of the few veterans in the field. Having Sue lead the customer success team at IKO-System brought a great deal of added-value to the product, and she contributed to a great customer experience that helped accelerated deals, renew and upsell opportunities. Sue’s a leader with vision as well as grit, keeping the big picture in check while having no problems getting her hands dirty. It’s an inspiring experience working with Sue. She would be a great asset to any company that aspires to be customer-centric.

                          Thomas Stein : Business Development Director, Novagile

For further details about Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² methodology, our customer success consulting, coaching, mentoring and training courses (with certification), please send your message below. We’ll be pleased to reply quickly.



Success Track Enterprise works with partners who share the same passion to evangelize the win-win business gains of customer success.

Bridging the Pond!

Success Track Enterprise and Tri Tuns partner to provide Customer Success training and consulting across Europe and North America.

Success Track Enterprise is excited to partner with Tri Tuns to provide Customer Success (CS) trainingn career development and consulting services to global companies. Increasingly, clients are looking for help building, staffing, training, maturing and expanding global CS teams. Tri Tuns, based in Washington DC, USA and Success Track Enterprise, with offices in Lisbon and Paris partner together to provide the resources you need across North America and Europe to quickly build, develop and scale your CS capabilities.

Success Track Enterprise is also an authorized reseller and partner of Tri Tuns proven CS training programme and certification. Our training program is available 100% online and we also provide the option of live, instructor-led training sessions (delivered virtually or in-person).  Contact us today to learn more about how Tri Tuns and Success Track Enterprise can help you accelerate the success of your CS programme!

Below are the main partners with whom Success Track Enterprise has the privilege of collaborating.

Think Tank Leader 

CX, UX  and Customer Success


Founder of Customer Success Meetups in Paris and Lisbon:





For further details about Success Track Enterprise OPT-IN² methodology, our customer success consulting, coaching, mentoring and training courses (with certification), please send your message below. We’ll be pleased to reply quickly.